Decal on a half sphere

I have a round image that I want to apply to a half sphere. Spherical Decal offers 2 angles.
What do they correspond to? All my attempts have been unsuccessful.
I guess it must be so simple!
Thanks for help.

Hi Michel -The angles let you specify how much of the sphere should be used for the image - the sphere is a polar one so the first angle sets the part to use in the around (equator) direction and the second one pole to pole.
However, I am not sure a spherical projection is the right one for this case - can you post an example with the image to use?


Thank you Pascal.
I’ve set both angles at start 0 and end at 180° without success.

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Hi Michel - is this about what you are shooting for?


PlanarMappedDecals.3dm (683.8 KB)

Here the decal is planar mapped from the Right view and the widget location adjusted.



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Thank you Pascal.
Can you explain the steps to obtain this perfect result ?

select your object, navigate to a ortho view so you are looking directly at the part from the projection angle. (imagine you are shining a flashlight on the part, that will paint on your image)

add a decal, and choose planar as the mapping type.

add your image and drag the decal onto your part-

adjust the widget for size and placement

see below-

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