Apply an image on to a curving surface

Hey guys,

Good morning. I am trying to get the attached jpg to display on the curving surface in the attached Rhino file - like a billboard but not flat.

Trying Decal but it doesn’t seem to have an option that would work. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Here is the Rhino file with the curving surface. Decal.3dm (2.0 MB)

Hi, I had the same problem a couple of weeks back, use _Picture (surfaces menu) then bend to suit.

Is there no way to use decal to apply it?

well, another way would be to lay it on as a texture. Your receiving surface has to be a proportional size to your jpg.

More specifically? When I layed it on as a texture using the Materials tab/ create Custom material and then attach the image to Color as a texture, it distorted where the surface curves.

I’m sorry, not sure what’s happening there, I don’t get that. You’ll have to wait for somebody more knowledgeable.

Hi Cosmas - the problem is that the UV of the surface is compressed in the middle, stretched at the ends - here is a checker pattern applied:

To get the UV evenly distributed you can do a couple of things -

  1. Just Rebuild the surface to a lot of points. - Rebuilding evenly distributes the UV space. However it makes the surface more complex in this case and inexact if that shape is critical, so…

  2. Rebuild a copy of the surface and use the copy as a custom mapping object on the original.

In this case, it looks like you also need to split that surface on the vertical isocurves and rejoin into a polysurface before applying the custom mapping object - that looks like a bug, to me.

Decal_Mapped.3dm (2.3 MB)



Hi Cosmas,

Select the surface and in the Decal section of Properties you can display the decal mapping widget to adjust it…

You had the planar projection pointing straight down.

When you add a decal to an object, you also will see a choice of how you want it mapped on the selection.