Decal for copied object

I need help about the decal for object copied Infact if I assign a decal to an object e I copy it I cannot change the decal If I change the decal in one of them automatically it changes the decal to the other
There is a way to avoid it?

Hi Viviana - if you need a different decal on the copied object, you can delete the current decal on that object and then apply a new one to that object. Does that do it?

Dear Wim

Yes It works but in my opinion it would be easier to change the picture and unlink it to the original object



Hi - I’m afraid I’m not understanding the workflow here. Could you explain in more detail how you are changing the picture on a copy of an object with a decal?

Surely I need to create e display with adhesive tapes The tapes have the same dimensions but different labels and colors So I copied the tapes and tried to change the labels but it couldn’t possible because it changes also the label of the tape have copied

I hope is more understandable now

I don’t know if I have to open another topic but when I render the decal of the internal part of the tape

it should be:

I’m afraid not.
You write:

I copied the tapes and tried to change the labels

How do you try to change the label?

Could you please post that file?

I start from this tape

I have to create another one with different color and label so I copy it

When I change the decal (label) of the second tape automatically it changes the label of the first I created

I changed the label through this panel:

Here you are the file and the pictures
display_1-8_maskspec.3dm (5.0 MB) etichetta_4333_25mm etichetta_4333_38mm etichetta_4344_25mm etichetta_4440_25mm etichetta_4440_38mm txt_mandrino_mask 25mm txt_mandrino_mask 38mm

Dear Wim

About the decal inside the tapes I’ve just realised that it doesn’t render if you set from 0 to 360 degree It works with 0,1 to 360



Have you solved this problem? I am looking for answer also