Copying decals, multiple copies

Is there a trick to taking an existing decal and copying it? I have a sphere that I want the same decal evenly spaced 4 times around the sphere. I have tried rotating with copy, copy/paste then rotate, but each decal seems to resist any form of copy. I could do it by hand (just 4 of them) but I want them the same size and have to then modify each one separately which isn’t as accurate as I want. And I don’t even want to think of when I need to have 20 or 30 copies of a hazmat marker for different parts of the sphere (spaceship).

Am I just whistling in the wind? Thanks.

Hello - I’d make a rectangle or other reference geometry and array that around, then place decals using these to assist in placement.


Hmmmm, would that cause the decals to appear on the actual surface I wanted?

no it just gives you a reference to make sure you place them at the same size. You’ll need 4 decals with 4 different locations.