Daylight optimization basic model (Honeybee and Galapagos)

I have problems with making a complex part wherein galapagos picks surface to a minimum surface with enough daylight.

I have two questions:

  1. Honeybee and galapagos is the best way to optimize floorforms and windowforms to get a minimum surface and enough daylight?
  2. How can I make a selection system (complex part) wherein galapagos can sweep on a number slider?

About question two, I tried to combine texts and try to find out how selecting branch work. However, it went not that well…

Daylight optimization galapagos basic model (12.0 KB)

  1. Ladybug/Honeybee and Octopus. Octopus cause you want to optimize 2 goals. Min area and max daylight.

  2. Here you got simple “list options”. You could also Combine them etc.:

I don’t clearly understand how it should look in the end, but that’s what I understood:

Cull pattern, cause it’s no Problem, if you cull the same index twice. So no dupl items etc. Amount of sliders in the genepool are the amount of panels