Galapagos+DIVA optimization result help


I have been trying to use Galapagos to optimize my shading system regarding daylighting.

I would like to do a multi-objective optimization with daylight factor, DGP and energy use.

But right now, I am testing galapagos with only daylight factor.

However, I did not get any display on the main window of Galapagos. Even I recorded the result, it shows me only ’ Record: Genome was mutated to avoid collision’ after 2 generations.

Could anybody help me? Does anyone know why the result is like that?

I appreciate your time and help. Thank you very much.

Opt. DF.rar (95.1 KB)

This grasshopper script is linked below:

Test (34.8 KB)

It looks like all of your solutions have the same objective value!
So something is wrong in the formulation of your objective.
Which should be smart, as discussed in the other thread.
(Or maybe with the simulations: Are you sure they’re running?)

Have a look at the paper I link to in the other thread:
I discuss an example optimizing daylight and glare.

Maybe try just daylight first, and go from there.
Optimizing daylight and glare and energy is kinda advanced :wink:

Hi Thomas,

I have just downloaded your paper. I will definitely read it through.

Maybe I will come back to discuss with you after I read it :smiley: Thank you so much for helping!