Optimization using Galapagos

Hello All,

I’m trying to optimize daylight by using a shading device (Blinds’ thickness) through Galapagos during a whole year. How to tell Galapagos that this optimization is during a year? I ran Galapagos, and I chose the best optimum from reinstate and then ran daylight and energy simulations. However, the result missed where is the optimum thickness of blinds for each month. For example, in summer, it needs to keep the blinds opening during daytime and then decrease the artificial lights and then the energy consumption goes high and vice versa. Is there a way to analyze it through Galapagos, Honeybee or Ladybug? If so, would anyone mind explaining to me how to do it?

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Easiest way: do it 12 times. Once for each month if you want the optimum for ever month.

Thanks for your responding @tim.stark,

How to assign a month, week or day in Galapagos? If I want to see in an Excel schedule, which way will I use?
For example, a month has 30 days and a day has 24 hours. If would see the optimum time to close the blinds to prevent the glare, How could I do that?

Also, I’m running Galapagos right now, and I’m getting till now 17 fitness distribution with 48 generation. How to save each fitness or using reinstate more than once?