Help in building parametric/optional building shape (to apply galapagos)

Hello all,
I find myself in a situation where I need to study the architectural typologies (bar, courtyard, tower, etc) and I would like to make a shape optimization according to radiation, daylight, and energy consumption.
I am a bit stuck and I would like some help or suggestions to start.

The idea is to do something like this:

But unfortunately, I didn’t find any tutorials that show this kind of modeling, where the geometry can suffer those possibilities to add or exclude parts of it. I started by creating a rectangular grid using isotrim, and extruding it in the z direction. But that’s all I got. Any ideas or references to help me make these optional transformations on the geometry?

Besides the modeling, I didn’t find much on tutorials of Galapagos optimization using all those three simulations (radiation, honeybee for energy demand at least, and daylight analysis)… any references on that would also be really helpful.

The script for modeling the geometry is currently my main problem, Galapagos I might solve it later but I need at least to have this geometry with the possibilities to be the input in Galapagos. Any help is welcome.

Thank you in advance!!


You’re trying to achieve something big. For this you want to learn how to use these plugins:

Ladybug, Honeybee, Diva, Galapagos at a good level.

  1. First start with basics.

  2. Move simple —> complex

  3. Many online videos are available for free in YouTube, Vimeo.

For this you need learn grasshopper too.

Tutorial and sample video links:


Galapagos intro video by the man himself @DavidRutten 2010 video. Recording of lecture held at AA London. Watch this.


I have been trying to learn all those plugins, as well as ghp!
Thanks a lot for your responses, some of the videos I had seen before, but I will watch all of them closely.
I appreciate all your suggestions, thank you!!