Daylight analysis help please! <3

Hi there! I’m trying to optimize this facade using DLA (Daylight autonomy) and UDI (Useful Daylight Iluminance) with honeybee. I already did some scripts for the RADIANCE and DIRECT SUN HOURS, but I think it’s not enough information for optimizing, since the angle of the openings in the facade need to be based on the proper amount of light inside the building for utility use.

I have different geometries which I merged. But then understood that honey bee needs them in separated streams. I connected it to HB face in order to stablish values for transmittance. I tried to find the component “massestozone” to convert the geometry and couldn’t find it.

I get a red component every time and most of the examples Ive found in youtube are using one floor only. If you could please help me figure this out I would really really appreciated because I’m kind of stuck with this.

Thank you so much !! (2.3 MB)

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Hi Francisca -

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