UDI sDA trouble understanding the values

Hi! I’m running a daylight analysis and I’m having some trouble understanding the outcome of the data so if you could please help me I would really appreciate it!! <3

First of all, when I visualize the data hourly for one sensor the chart looks like this:

From may to august it looks like it receives the most of daylight BUT this analysis is runned in the south hemisphere, so summer and spring is from september to mars. So it doesn’t make sense to me that this are the results. Maybe I’m understanding it wrong :frowning:

I did connected the .epw file of my location so idk what could it be :frowning:

The second thing that I’m not understanding pretty well is the sDA value. So sDA is the % for at least 300 lux for 50% of the occupied period (9-19 hrs).

This are the results that I get. I have 11 floors, therefore, each value is for example. 77% of the first floor has at least 300 lux? Is that how you read this results? With that said, is there a way to get a general value of the whole building?

Those are all my questions, I would really appreciate some help <3

Hi Francisca -

I’ve already pointed you to the Ladybug Tools forum in two of your previous threads here. You seem intent to ignore that advice?

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Thanks :slight_smile: