Ladybug Honeybee Annual daylight analysis - error parent face

i am trying to analyse the day light. The building (white) has random extrusion on the sides and on top. The red color represents the windows - they should only appear as indirect light (that´s the reason for the position). Unfortunately I receive the error that the “sub-faces weren´t matched with any parent face”. Can someone help me with this?

Anual Daylight (187.7 KB)

Hi Celia NE,

There is a dedicated forum for Ladybug/Pollination workflows.

I could not upload a Grasshopper file there because I am still a new member

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Their sites requires that you read a number of topics before you can add files. Make sure to search the site to see if someone has come across a similar issue.

If you are not using Pollination, the Ladybug Tools forum is here: