Data trees. Making spirals

Hello I’ve been trying to do spirals around a curve.
I have achieved ‘straight’ curves by connecting points (pic). But when I try to do ‘Spiral’ curves (pic + orange) I have a problem with data trees. Or at least that’s where I suspect the problem is.

When I connect the blue wire I get weird results. What that group before blue wire tries to do is to pick only selected points.

File: Spiral (14.1 KB)

Thanks Joseph. This is what I tried to achieve and I will do your way from now on.
However, for the sake of my learning, are you able to point out a mistake in my approach with points? I don’t feel confident working with data trees. (10.1 KB)

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The approach with rotating the polygons themselves is fundamentally better. It gives more flexibility.
Thanks again!

I’ve been trying to take your definition further.

Now instead of simples spirals, I’m trying to do spiral that branch off into smaller spirals. (pic)
My approach is to split list of PerpFrames (e.g into 3). 1st of these sub list stays as it is. 2nd gets split (by rotating) and 3rd gets split twice. However, I get plenty of problems on junctions between these three ‘segments’.

Maybe you could advise me how would you approach it? Maybe again my approach is fundamentally incorrect.