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Hello guys. I know you like challanges like this one. I have a double window that I want to stretch, keeping order of all breps. But native grasshopper stretch component works very slow, and resulting surfaces are trash. So I am trying to split, move, and stich with loft. I want it to work with multiple stretch distances at the same time. that is why i have 2 x values provided. It works a lot faster, but I can’t figure out how to deal with this tree structure. I want to keep it, so flatten is not an option. Thanks in advance.
script uses heteroptera and pufferfish. (3.6 MB)

I have made a script that creates assemblies from various kitchen units.

It is adjustable in width and height using planes as slicers.
It is using the method you described: it slices with planes, creates sections (curves), then extrudes by desired distance then joins corresponding elements without loosing layers and materials.
The problem you having is that slicing creates the data tree that is hard to use to join the previous, the extruded and the following elements. I have found the method (a wild one).
If you strip your definition from Pufferfish and Heteroptera I may try to help you. I really don’t want to install extra plugins. I don’t believe they are necessary for this operation.

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Hello! Thank you very much for your reply.
yes, the plugins are not necessary, but make the script a lot faster.

Here, with no plugins. (3.7 MB)

Thanks. I hope I will have a time over the weekend to look at this.
Out of curiosity: how Pufferfish and Heteroptera allows you to achieve faster computation time?

I sent a picture above:D 3.1 second against 30 Ms for center component from heteroptera. Oh, of course there is native bounding box option, did not think of that at first.

I use a lot area and volume centres in my computations. May become friend with Heteroptera again :slight_smile:

thanks, no need in that, I solved my issue!

It would be interesting to see it how you resolved it.