Flatten tree issue?

Hi my friends,
I just experienced a strange issue.

The flatten trees in the file in my laptop seem to block the data flow and the matrix seems to be flipped.

But in my colleage’s one the file works fine.

Wave Wall.gh (98.7 KB)
Wave Wall.3dm (234.3 KB)
I wonder if there are some environmental settings of the computer system costing this abnormal behavior or some of the knots I shouldn’t use.


This model looks extremely complex and doesn’t work at all without the missing plugins.

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Works fine for me. BTW you can use flatten tree from TreeSloth to do the same operation in a tidier way:


Thanks for your reply, Joseph. I am not sure if there are native grasshopper components can replace these two, especially, Unroll Brep. It is very complex that is what I’m concerned and wondering if there is way to reduce the complexity.

Thanks for you reply and suggestion, Matt. Same as you, I am wondering if there is effective way to reduce this leve complexity of list management, besides Tree Sloth.

You can make your own using GHPython. Grab this component:

Right click the x input and change to 'Tree Access":

And paste the code below in:

> from Grasshopper import DataTree
> from Grasshopper.Kernel.Data import GH_Path
> a = DataTree[object]()
> [a.AddRange(data,GH_Path(idx)) for idx,data in enumerate(x.Branches)]

So it should look like this:

Or just use the one I attached below which is the same thing

GHPython - Simplify Tree.ghuser (2.5 KB)

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Thanks for your python script. I am quite a newbeie on scripting, but want to get some helping info on writing ghpython, it seems grasshopper lacks of this.