Data panel of the data of the notes where a line is between


I have a Rhino Grasshopper file which I want to convert to Rfem.
I will do this with excel, there for I want the data of my lines in the form of the nodes between how the line is.
Just like in this example.

Can someone help me with how to get is data of the lines in my model in a panel??

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See attached file for how to format lines by the indices of their end-points: lines and (30.4 KB)

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Thankyou! this exactly where I was looking for.
But now I have another question, when I want to stream the destination from the panel to excel (.csv)
Then no separate columns for different numbers is created.
Do you maybe can help me with this too?

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Instead of my -> separator, use a comma, or a semicolon. Then stream the contents of the panel to a csv file and you can open it in Excel I think. I don’t have Excel myself, so can’t help you with the specifics.