Data Managing Problem - Tree with different amount of items in each branch

Hi guys,

I have this hypothetical case, where I have a different amount of points in each branch, from left to right. What I was after was some sort of flip matrix to swap the organization of branches from left to right into bottom to top.

I was able to make it after some time, and a too many components. I am sure there is a better way to do this, but I guess I am not in one of my most creative days. (31.1 KB) (18.2 KB)

Interesting challenge!
I was tempted to manage it just with point/coordinates, but then i thought “why not handling it as generic data?”.
So i made some first steps to find the span of the data grid/array **, and made again a “clean” (with integer coordinates) grid point, sorted it in 2 different ways (first X>Y then Y>X) and “rearranged” your original data tree with that “mapping”.
Sorry for the poor explanation, it’s 4:42 am here, somehow I’m wondering too what I’ve just done… or why i’m awake…

** in your case it is symmetrical, equilateral 9*9=81 elements, so maybe further test should be done for a “rectangular array”

PS we are hurting Renatus Cartesius… :confounded:

Hi, thanks for the input! Hope this didn’t take much of your sleep!

I am missing one substraction component that I am not sure where it goes.

But aside from that, I am afraid that your specific solution will not work in other case where the grid isn’t a perfect array of parts :sweat:

I have no idea, I do not remember…

Im not sure where it goes too… try to look here:

What do you mean with “perfect array of parts”???
As I said, your first “case” was a symmetrical grid/tree structure…
Can you provide more, different input examples?

This is interesting…

Thanks! I was able to complete the def with those two subtraction components and amazingly it also works for an irregular grid! I thought it wasn’t going to given that you used an array of points. (8.2 KB)