Data conversion failed from loft to domain ^2

Im following along with the youtube video Catenary curves paneling Rhino Grasshopper tutorial by June Lee and im stuck at 5:22 where i connect a loft created from arches to the divide domain ^2.
Which is where i get the error message named in the title. Any advice on how to to get past this error?

hopefully this screen shot uploaded this is my first time posting for help

The only difference between my code and the video is i copied the arch one extra time. the parts before the loft is the same code copied 4 times.

Caternary planes tutorial.3dm (53.3 KB)

caternary planes (12.9 KB)

Probably looking for divide surface instead

when I try that it gives me the message failed form brep to surface.

In Rhino 6 (without your Rhino 7 file), it works fine:

In Rhino 7 WIP, it fails, regardless of whether or not I open your empty(!?) Rhino 7 file:

  1. Data conversion failed from Brep to Domain²

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ok sweet thank you so much for your help!