Dark Mode for Grasshopper

The new Dark Mode in RH6 is awesome. However it does not fully apply to Grasshopper - the canvas color stays the same…
Would it be possible to change the canvas background color with Dark Mode as well, similar to the configuration below?

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As a workaround you can try this:

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Wait, does Rhino 6 already have Dark Mode?

Only mac version supports dark mode.

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Why so? What about Windows?

Guys, just ask and probably @Michael_Pryor will have a solution for you !
Look at his dark mode component ( moonlight ) ! Works perfectly on both win and Mac… you can customize every single objects on that canvas !



a capture from what Moonlight can do !


For sure we don’t get it for Rhino 6. We can expect for Rhino 7.

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Yeah this one :metal::metal::metal:

You can make your own color scheme also with Palette


Many colors can be overriden by changing the “grasshopper_gui.xml” found in the main folder (or by scripting it directly on Runtime), but doing from a Plugin such as Palette is obviously a much nicer way.


Thanks a lot guys, for all your suggestions! :pray:

Currenty I am using this method, as it is very straightforward and simple…

All the plugins are great, but what I was looking for was GH´s ability to adapt with Dark Mode and "Normal Mode" automatically - without having to change it manually everyday again. Something like in the screenshot attached.

Moonlight has a Boolean toggle to switch between. Of course not as easy as just having one button in Rhino to do it all. If you leave it to dark mode you won’t have to set it everyday.

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Of course this is feasible. Its not even difficult, just work, at least if you know how to code.

A custom GH plugin could read some colors of Rhino while loading and change all the colors based on this.

If you like to do that we could hint you to approach such a problem. You can make use of Reflection and more advanced mechanisms to override internal settings within GH on runtime. You can override a lot more then exposed in the xml file.

Its just work somebody has to do and this requires a real benefit at least… And this is the actual problem.

Yeah this is true - I can definitely live with it.
The reason, I was asking for an automatic way, was because my system appearance settings are set to Automatic:

Just thought that if Rhino is changing its appearance automatically, it would make sense if GH did the same.
But sure, this is probably a bit of a nit-picky thing.

Thank you, sounds like a feasible idea… maybe I´ll have some time in the summer to try that out (my scripting experience is still a bit limited tbh)

Thanks again for all your suggestions!