Change colors in Grasshopper Python Script Editor MAC Rhino 6

Hi there,

Anyone knows where the source code for the Grasshopper Python Script Editor lives? I would like to change the colors of the Script Editor, since the new version of Rhino 6 for MAC comes with a really austere look.


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Sorry, I don’t think you can change the color at present. There are some improvements to the editor planned for next releases, though.



Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

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Hi Giulio,

Thanks for replying.

I have a follow up question. Is it possible to use an external IDE importing rhino library, and somehow stream it into Grasshopper?

I am just trying to use a friendlier editor, if that’s possible.


@Alain has been working on improving the Mac python editor lately. He may know about what is currently available for “customization”

The GhPython code editor is not user configurable yet but will be to some extent in the near future.
Can you describe what color properties you’d like to change?

Is this change going to happen only for Mac?

For the time being, yes only Mac. EditPythonScript on Mac is being rewritten to be cross platform. Once it is fully functional and can do what the Windows version does, then we will investigate replacing the Windows version with the cross platform version. We don’t know exactly when this will happen as it depends on how fast Alain can get all of the pieces in place.

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Hi Alain,

So I think most people would be comfortable with an editor similar to Sublime (dark theme, with bright colors depending on the semantics).

Do you know when it would happen? I am trying to shift completely to Mac (the only reason I still use Windows is because I am using python in GH).

Another question, does the Mac version of Rhino 6 + GH and python do everything that the Windows version does? (To know whether it’s worth it finally to close out Windows definitely). Also, what is the exact version of Python that GH uses in Mac?


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@Alain for starters, we may just want to pick a different set of colors when running in dark mode. We could allow customizations later at that is more effort.

We’re using IronPython 2.7.9

Adapting to dark mode does seem like a good first step. The issue was moved to 7.x because it didn’t seem as important as the core functionality but since it’s being asked for I moved it back to 6.x.

Not everything is working as well as on Windows but we’re trying to close the gap as fast as we can.

Hi Alain, Steve,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, since MAC OS Catalina is coming with dark mode, and, almost everyone in Computer Science uses dark mode with bright colors, it would be a really good improvement.

The tendency at Carnegie Mellon University, at least, is that more and more people are using python in GH.

It would be nice, whenever is possible, to make a list of those things that do not work as Windows, so Mac users have an idea of when to use Windows vs Mac.

Thanks again for your information.


:roll_eyes: interesting logic to change the priority of a non-functional requirement.

Perhaps it’s not functional for you, but colors have proven to affect performance, and something that affects performance could be considered “functional”. Besides that, not necessarily functional requirements have to come first :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m using this rhino python code listener plugin. It’s not sublime but Visual studio code… And I can’t find if this would work on a Mac… I thought you might want to have a look :slight_smile:

To use this in Grasshopper, I use the following trick ! To update the python script in Gh, simply save in Visual Studio Code… Hope this might help for now !



Thanks for this! I’d jumped into the deep end IDE/code wise and have been having some learning pains; this workflow definitely solves a few things that had been making things crunchier than likely needed.

Hi… Thank you for opening this discussion
I have been searching for this topic for quite a while and this is the only one I can find regarding dark mode in coding component. I know that in Rhino 7 in MAC, the coding component has a dark mode, but I wasn’t able to get this to work in windows… any ideas?

I think @Alain might be able to tell about a schedule (if any) for dark mode in the Windows editor.

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Hi, the time frame is Rhino 8 because that’s when the 2 editors will be merged into one.