Dark Glass in Perspective window

How to make really dark glass in perspective window?

Darker colors = darker glass in Raytraced.

I mean in the perspective window of Rhino without hitting the render button and rendering everything.
This window correctly shows paint, metal, plastic, but no dark glass no matter what Luminance or Chromainance value i set with the color picker

I make many changes and I dont want to render everything just to eyeball with the dark glass

Glass in Rendered mode doesn’t work like that yet. I believe @jeff has something in his big bag o’ tricks that he might land into Rhino one day for proper glass-like materials in Rendered mode.

Until then Raytraced and in Rhino 7 also Rhino Render are the only native ways to do dark glass without using third party renderers.

I have resorted to using plastic material and just setting it semi transparent and grey