Dark Blocks


The shading of blocks is darker than the one of the original object.
Is that intended ?

V6 Display Performance: Block Improvements
(Steve Baer) #2

You shouldn’t be able to visually tell the difference between a normal polysurface and a polysurface inside a block. Can you send me this sample? Thanks


Hi Steve,

I sent you the model.
The darkening effect is not constant : it kind of flickers (making it even worse).
Also, I noticed that sometimes a block instance will be dark, and another one will be OK as in the following capture :

(Steve Baer) #4

Thanks, I got the model and will try looking at this soon

(Steve Baer) #5

The model you sent is pretty big and I can’t find any blocks that look “wrong”. Can you help pare down the model to help me see what you are seeing?


Hi Steve, I sent you an e-mail where I explained that it seemed to be linked to the display of PictureFrames.
Did you read it ?

(Steve Baer) #7

I did get your email, but couldn’t find anything that looked dark in the model


Don’t you see THIS


I run into this as well:

(John Brock) #10

Please send us a 3dm file that exhibits this problem!


The problem still persists even if I close the file and open again.

(John Brock) #12

Thank you.
The block is dark on my system too in a default Shaded display mode.

Added to the pile:

(John Brock) #13

I think this may be because the block was “mirrored” or rotated 180º when inserted.
The developers are working on this.


I changed them many times and rearranged them in my models again and again. They were drawn in Rhino and then imported as a Revit family a few times, Hard to tell their history.

(Dan Belcher) #15

RH-40227 should be fixed in the latest WIP. Please give it a try.