@dale @brian does not seem to work

I have used @dale @brian in a post but neither seems to work / respond.

Should I stop using these and email McNeel directly ?

Have I miss-understood the use of @ to draw attention to a post ?


It was 4th of July weekend in the US and people may also be on vacation… --Mitch

Thanks Mitch,

I hoped my posts would have reached them last Thursday / Friday morning. I do not need a detailed response at the moment just good to know if they have seen it.

Happy 4th of July,

@Keith1634, “@” mentioning members isn’t like calling 911. It simply sends an email notification to the member.

If the user isn’t checking his/her email, then you will just have to wait until they do (or some other member jumps in to help answer the question)…

Hi Keith,

This is the first time since I got back from vacation that I checked my email for this type of notification. You’re welcome to email us directly, but you’ll probably get similar (or maybe even worse) response times. The benefit of posting here is that lots of people see your question and can help.

Thanks @brian

Can you check this thread: StartupFileList regkey error

I still can not get Rhino to open a Start File on the first attempt of opening Rhino. I am adding the regkey references with an installer / script whilst Rhino is closed.