30 day trial does not work

My 30 day trial code I got from my email does not work.
Rhino says my code is invalid.

You only get one 90-day evaluation period even if you try to use a different username and/or email address.

If you have not had any previous trials under a different username or e-mail address, please contact sales@mcneel.com directly for help.

You managed to game the system and get 3 evaluation licenses.

Please buy a license.
You seem to know Rhino is valuable to you.

Do your part to support the people and company that makes all this possible.

I’m really surprised I don’t see these posts on Reddit or Facebook or whatnot, the logic of “I’ve been cheating the trial system and it’s stopped working, I wonder what could possibly have happened…I know, I’m going to complain on the official mothership support forum that something is ‘wrong’ with the trial” just blows my mind.