D.Loft Surface Extend?

I recently bought D.loft to generate hull surfaces and offset hull surfaces for metal boats and it seems I’m unable to use the ExtendSrf command on either the original surface or the offset when their created using D.Loft. It’s never been a problem with surfaces generated using Rhino’s -DevLoft command. Being unable to ExtendSrf is a serious problem when creating hull offset surfaces. Is anyone aware of this issue? Any known workarounds?

Can you upload a .3dm file with an example of surface which ExtendSrf does not work on? Either drag the file to the area where you type your post or click on the vertical arrow above where you type your post.

The inside offsets are the surfaces I’m trying to extend. Thank you for the reply.

V-bottom Hull with DLoft.3dm (100.3 KB)

The surfaces are “trimmed” even though the trimmed edges are 10e-12 from the untrimmed edges, which is at the numerical noise level.

Did you know of anything you did which would cause the edges to be trimmed? If not you might want to contact the folks at D.Loft to inquire what is happening.

It looks like the very closely trimmed surface is the problem. Untrim the edges and ExtendSrf works.