Cylinder unrolled

Newbie question,
I am designing graphics for a cold barrel cooler. The flat dimensions for the substrate to be printed on are 71.5" wide by 30" high. How do I create a cylinder when unrolled are those exact dimensions. Is there a way to wrap a rectangle around itself to join the edges or do I ned to create the cylinder at a specific diameter. When I create a circle at 35.75 diameter it unrolls to 90 plus inches. Any guidance is appreciated.

Hi John - you can work out the correct radius from the desired circumfernce (circ/(2*pi) = 11.38 in this case, if I am doing it right.
You can do that right at the command line - place the center and then when asked for a radius type in


and enter.


Hi Pascal,
Do I type in 71.5(2*3.1416) exactly as you showed? When I did this and went to curve length dimension it still showed 90 plus inches.
Sorry when it comes to math I’m pretty feeble.

Hi John - you left out the “/” division… type

and Enter. Or just work out the number ahead of time and type it in… in any case the radius is 11.38.


The circumference of a circle is pi times the diameter.
Your circumference is 71.5.
If you divide 71.5 by pi (3.1416), you get 22.76

If you draw a cylinder with a Diameter of 22.76 that’s 30 tall, you’ll have the cylinder you’re looking for.

Great thanks Pascal