Unrolling cylinder with thickness and thru holes

Good Day,
I have a vertical tank cylinder 1/2" thick, 24" OD x 48" long with several Pipes ranging from 1" to 4" in diameter penetrating straight thru the cylinder wall, horizontal and normal to the cylinder vertical centerline. What is the best method to end up with a flat model with the correct hole shape in order to 5 axis water jet the shell, roll it, and end up with straight thru holes for the pipes to fit into? Thank you

Hi Scott - please post an example. Probably, you’ll want to UnrollSrfUV the outer surface of the cylinder and then FlowAlongSrf the cuts through the thickness from that outer surface to the unrolled one. Maybe.


An in-between “neutral” surface, not the outer surface. Location of the neutral surfaces depends in part on forming method.

23920 Sample Cylinder.3dm (1.6 MB)

Being a tank manufacturer we are very familiar with the mean stretch outs and do that as a daily routine. What we are trying to venture into is an accurate model with the slight angular deviation due to the thickness so that a 5 axis can cut it to the true expanded shape. I can do the ID and OD expansions and overlay them/offset for thickness and use the mean expansion as a guide for aligning the holes but am looking for a more automated method.