CyclesForRhino cannot be installed using latest WIP

I reinstalled Windows and thus (latest) WIP and CyclesForRhino cannot be installed. (Dragging into Rhino doesn’t work, either…) :

To me this looks like the v5 installer engine is used. I tried with a local build, and install went just fine. Do you have Rhino v5 also installed? Perhaps ensure the correct installer engine is used?

Tagging @brian to give better guidance regarding the installer part.

Until then you can rename the .rhi to .zip, extract to some folder and drag&drop the .rhp that is in the folder to Rhino WIP.


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Cool, (repair) reinstalled WIP and it’s working.

Maybe you are interested how it happened…:

  • reinstalled Win 10
  • installed V5 (to have a look at V-Ray)
  • installed WIP
  • uninstalled V-Ray and V5
  • thumbnails in explorer are gone, too.
  • reinstalled V5 to bring thumbnails back…
  • tried installing CyclesForRhino and didn’t work.
  • reinstalled WIP
  • installed CyclesForRhino and worked.

Yes, I think the reinstalling of V5 after the WIP made it so that the wrong installer engine was being used.

Yes, probably…

Is it, btw, easily possible for you to add that we can change the sun’s size to get softer shadows when using it?

Easily, not sure. But I could add a plug-in option that allows you to play with the shadow size giving control over the sharpness of sun shadow. RH-39151

I think this is really useful for a lot of people and hope it’s easy…