Cycles for Rhino v0.1.2

I have updated the Cycles for Rhino plug-in to be compiled against the current Rhino WIP release: 6.0.17073.13071, 17/03/14

Get it here:

There have been some changes to the core RhinoCycles plug-in that make it necessary to update to both current Rhino WIP public release and this new Cycles for Rhino plug-in release.

I’m seeing quite a few exceptions popping up on my list, those all relate to the core change, so please update as soon as possible. Thanks!



2.93 kb???
What kind of wizardry is that?


I downloaded and installed it before updating to the latest wip, but it still seems to do just fine!

It is just wrapping code around the core code that all lives in the RhinoCycles plug-in. The Cycles for Rhino code is really just one file:


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