Cycles OSL

Would it be possible to translate Cycles_xml text to OSL script so we can use procedural textures created in grasshopper somewhere else?

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@nathanletwory, is this something you can answer?

@p.rangi do you want to use these in Blender Cycles, or in Rhino Cycles? Rhino Cycles (Raytraced) doesn’t have OSL support.

For Blender Cycles I suppose with some script you could make the transform from XML to OSL - there are currently no ready tools for that.

Blender Cycles would be the goal. If we could somehow translate between Cycle xml and OSL then it really opens up lots of possibilities for us Rhinos Cycle users.

You don’t need conversion to OSL. You just need a way to get the XML into Blender as a shader graph.

Sure that would be fantastic to have it as shader graph in Blender. But I was hoping to use OSL materials or textures even elsewhere like Unity as OSL shader for VR or unreal through 3dsmax pipeline. Would you please let me know if this is possible or not?

Raytraced (i.e. Cycles in Rhino) does not have OSL support, and as such I haven’t thought of it at all.

I suppose it is possible, since all nodes have OSL equivalents, but you’ll have to find a person who can write you a converter for XML -> OSL.

How about if we want to open xml materials in Blender as shader graphs? Is this something you are planning on? We just want to export Cycles material from Grasshopper. No matter what format ot method.

I personally am not planning anything in the near future, but it would indeed be nice to have.

It shouldn’t be too hard to cobble together a script that does that, though.

Well I don’t know how! I don’t use any image textures. I’m experimenting with procedural capability of Cycles in Grasshopper. I appreciate if you could do something toward exporting xml materials from Rhino please. I know lots of users would really want this.