Cyberstrak plugin

Rhino urgently needs Static Zebra and Light lines, too! With an ability to change the direction this way:

  • Set numerical values for the orientation;
  • Set a vector (pick an existing line or pick start and end point);
  • X, Y, Z projection.


  • Ability to save projection vectors and a way to quickly toggle between at least two saved vectors.
  • Ability to quickly toggle between Zebra and Light lines.
  • Ability to quickly toggle between static and dynamic (regular) Zebra/Light lines.

I created a custom display mode with light lines, but unfortunately it’s not static and will change with the camera position.
lightlines.ini (13.5 KB)

Also, the following topic consists plenty of suggestions for Blend surface and Match surface.

It’s extremely important to add two separate options “Match target isocurve U direction” and “Match target isocurve V direction”. Currently, Rhino has a common option for both directions and this is why often times “Blend surface” gets confused which direction to use, so it ends up using both and creates messy surfaces.