Virtual Shape Research plug in or similar which is best?

I have just come across YouTube videos showing what I thought was really useful tools within rhino then realised its another company, apparently improving over what Rhino has to offer. What little i saw in the time I have so far to view the methods etc looked really useful, and as pointed out replaced or improved on functions weak or lacking in Rhino.

Not aware of assistance beyond what I took for granted as the tools to use, is VSR the plugin to have ?
Being able to see the zebra feedback whilst adjusting as opposed to having to make then analyze looked useful.
A whole arsenal of tools to be had.

What alternatives are there to Rhinos tools for surfacing tricky shapes and what do other Rhino users use.

I am forever finding myself faced with three sided areas to surface, which is not good practice, but they occur. Would VSR be best to assist or what do you guys and gals use ?

To be able to adjust a surface and see it flow as required into adjacent ones whilst adjusting controls etc would be a godsend.


It won’t help you much I think.

I might trial it though,

Anyone find it useful ?


VSR is wonderful, once you understand how to use Rhino. My suggestion would be to do the Rhino Level I Level II training guides, then do this tutorial:

If you started using VSR right now it would create more confusion than anything else. You need to understand how to model before you can actually get use out of something like VSR. I honestly think that R8 tutorial is the best way to learn classic NURBS modeling, period.


I agree with Sky. Focus on Rhino now. You seem to be trying to run before learning to walk. VSR is great but would be a distraction at this point. T-Splines even more so as it takes a completely different mindset. All good tools but get the basics down in Rhino first. I’d love to hear more about the aircraft project you are so intent on. Good luck!

Hi Guys, cheers,
will focus on Rhino first.
Absolutely itching to just sit at PC and train…again…I must have skipped portions on the first run. i said to myself dont turn the page until fully understood the page just read…

VSR I am sure will be very useful to me,…I need anything that will assist getting this job done, the longer it takes, the longer I have to wait to get training again.

Cant reveal the aircraft…well not just yet, the files I have created are valuable to me and if in other hands will destroy my advantage, some visuals when all is finished perhaps…


Steve, VSR won’t do any good to you.
You’ve got a lot of helpful advice here in the past week but you seem to disregard most and go back to your misconceptions.

I am not going for VSR though.

I have said I am following advice and sticking with basic Rhino . It looks good as I mentioned in my reply but I will consider it after sticking to the advice to get proficient with Rhino first and fully conversant with its own methods.