Cutting / Splitting a SubD surface

Hi There. I am a relative beginner to rhino. I am having a constant issue trying separate / cut / split surfaces. It seem to occur between the two types of SubD and Poly Surfaces


What am I doing wrong? How can I separate a SubD that intersects with another surface?

Hi @karianne1
You don’t say what issues you have, so it’s kindda hard to help. Things to consider include that subd geometry can’t be split by nurbs without converting the subd to nurbs. If you want to split a subd without converting it, you need to split it along the edgeloops.
If you are looking to split nurbs with a subd, you need to convert the subd to nurbs first (using the ToNurbs command).
If these pointers don’t help, please post a file and a more elaborate description of exactly what you issues are.
HTH, Jakob

Ah Ok. That make sense. So I can only split a subd along the edgeloops. Am I able to split one SubD with another SubD surface?

Hello -
You can but the trimmed object will be converted to Nurbs in the process.


check out this video