Can a SubD be used for trimming a NURB surface?

I’m new to the site and could not find anything about trimming a NURB with a SubD. Is it possible or is there a work around? I didn’t want to convert the SubD to NURBS right now as the SubD might need a little tweak as things progress. Can I go from SubD to NURB and back to SubD?

No… but you can use SubDs as the trimming object in the next service release - I am looking for which build that was fixed in, it seems like I saw that go by recently.
Ah- Split was updated recently for the same thing - RH-65540 Split: SubD could not be the cutting object


Hi @user1914,

Yes, you can use a SubD to trim a Nurbs object.


I don’t know how robust this is - I had an example where the part of the Nurbs object I clicked on stayed and the rest got trimmed, but this example was as intended.


Edit: re @pascal’s comment, this was done in SRC 7.13.21327.13001, 2021-11-23

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Thank you both for the help! I should give you the details. I have a NURBS surface that I am trying to split/trim with an open SubD pipe. I can not do either and I can not get an intersection between the two surfaces as well.
I was one training video short when I asked the question. Please check out the guitar build on Youtube if you are having my issue. It will give you more details.
To make it short - copy your SubD then save the copy to a layer. Take the original and convert it into NURBS. Now you have both - Thanks Kyle!

Hello- can you please post the objects that are not cooperating in a Rhino file?