SubD Splitting

Hello to everyone.
Is it possible to split a SubD surface, so that the new resulting surfaces maintain their tangency and curvature, as if they still belong to the same surface? As shown in the snapshot, if I split a SubD with a curve, I get the SubD converted to a polysurface and the original SubD is destroyed. I have to design the bonnet of a car and I need to split it in two panels with a particular curve. This would be also beneficial when splitting the body sides, wings, fenders etc… in sub panels for production, following a designed joint. Is their any technique to be used, apart from converting the SubD into a Nurbs first and the splitting with a controlled gap for panelling production? Thanks in advance.
(Sorry if I am asking something which may have been discussed already in a different thread. If this is the case, please address me to the right direction!

Hi Luca - SubDs must be converted to breps (surface/polysurfaces) in order to be split, they cannot remain as SubD. I think that is what you are asking, right?


You cannot do it because edges of Rhino SubDs always have zero curvature. This means that hemispherical SubD surface is impossible to make. Another limitation of Rhino SubDs is that perfect circles and perfect cylindrical surfaces are impossible to make.


Hi Pascal, that’s right. Thanks, as always.

Many thanks Andrew.

Hi, if you can’t split, how you can separate faces from one another?

Use Extract Surface command (right click on Explode command)