Cutting out letters

Hello everyone,

I am a new Rhino user (I started using it on OSX one month ago). I want to model the sphere that you see in the picture below. It has has a lighting mechanism inside and some Greek/English words that are cut out from the shape, so that when turned on, light will shine through the gaps.

I originally made this in Softimage (clearly a bad decision) using Boolean Difference over and over again, until my laptop almost died. I was wondering if there is a smarter way to go about it?


How do you plan to keep the islands from falling out in letters like:
Q, O, P, A, D, and B,
and numbers like 4, 6, 8, and 0?

The letter outline curves can be Projected or Pulled onto the surface and then used with Trim the edit the sphere surface.

You can use CreateUVCrv and select your sphere, add whatever curves you wish inside the created rectangle and then ApplyCrv with all the curves including the rectangle selected.

I think this might be a very good idea!! I will definitely try it! I think the trimming will also work after they’ve been projected!

thanx a lot !!!