Cutting Mesh from UV

Hi everyone!!

I need to cut my mesh exactly the shape I need. Most of the time the mesh I have is bent, spherical, etc
I map every mesh with Rizom and I have textures with B/W decorations to add on (always decorations that are a bit displaced in real life, for example, engraved surface).
I always manage to do this displacement with bump (ApplyDisplacement causes a lot of messy boundaries and I don’t want it), but now I need more precision.

I thought one solution could be to cut the mesh by UV editor:
I hope that splitting UV with curves I draw in Illustrator will split my mesh too (Image 001).

But everything stays on the UV editor and no cut will be transferred to my mesh (Image 002), but if I check “show wireframe” the cut wireframe is displayed on my mesh but not working (Image 003).

In conclusion, I think I’m on the wrong path, but I hope I explain well what I need.
If someone has a correct (or tricky) way to do this please let me know.


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Hello - can you please post an example file?


You can use PolylineOnMesh command to draw polyline on the mesh. Then you can use either SplitMeshWithCurve or MeshSplit to split the mesh. The polyline is made of straight line segments. (SplitMeshWithCurve works much better now than two years ago.)

EXAMPLE_02.3dm (609.6 KB)

Hi Pascal,
in this example, you can find the target mesh and the 3duv mesh I exported from Rizom after mapping it. Maybe it can be useful.
I’m looking for a way to wrap that curve on my target mesh (or same surface) and then split the mesh with those curves. Then, I need to extrude that “snake” line in order to have a more precise displacement that lay on my target mesh.
I need to be as precise as possible.


Hi Francesca - in this case it is not too hard to do what I think you want using surfaces that correspond to the meshs’ underlying shapes - a spahere in this case. See if the attached is anything like what you need.
EXAMPLE_02_Maybe.3dm (1.9 MB)


Hi Pascal!
In this case, you could easily unfold and open my surface but most of the time shapes I need to split are complex, and I can’t do the same you did.
I was wondering if is there a way to cut by UV or something like that.
When I split UV in the UVEditor, Rhino show me the splitted mesh on my 3D object, without letting me modify it. But if Rhino can show me this, maybe is there a way to use it?

Hi Francesca
UVEditor modifies a mesh stored as a custom mapping primitive on the texture mapping. You can extract that mesh as an ordinary mesh object at any time using ExtractCustomMappingObject.

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Thanks a lot! It worked!