How to cut a mesh

I have a mesh of a mountain, I’ve made a pline on it. Now I want to cut the mesh on the the polyline.
And further, make a solid, bolean union, for 3D print.
my mesh have 1058042 summits, is it too much?
I already tryed “limit a mesh” and “division on a mesh” but it did’nt works.
Thanks in advance,

I’d be glad to help if you could share the file. Rhino’s meshsplit is extremely picky (annoyingly so compared to other software), but I have had success with it on many occasions so I could probably locate the issue for you.

Hi Boris - SplitMeshWithCurve may help. Does the mesh pass Rhino’s Check command OK?


Yes, Rhino’s check command is ok.
SplitMeshwithCurve don’t work. It makes nothing…
I tryed to simplify and close the open mesh with 3D builder but it doesn’t work too.

Yes, could you please give me your e-mail to give you a link?

Sure, jorgen (at), or just use the personal message system here on the forum.

I’m a bit disapointed. Rhino was unable to split the mesh. :grimacing:My last solution was 3D builder and it works!

@borislab If you can, send us the file to or use our upload system, We can take a look at it.

Yeah, splitting meshes has never been a high priority for the Rhino development. Unfortunately. I know RhinoTerrain had to develop their own meshboolean tools as Rhino’s meshspliting is way too picky and buggy.

I know you don’t want to share the file, but what you can do is turn on the controlpoints and delete most of the mesh faces that are not needed for the actual splitting. (the center of the mountain and the surrounding corners).