Customize Ribbon Bar Tabs

It would be nice to at least rearrange the tab order.

Further, it would be nice to make custom tabs by docking a custom tool palette.

Move palette to RibbonBar Tabs …


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Agreed. Logged in MR-1630 and MR-1631.


Got my vote. Big time. Would help immensely in the usability front.


also, I’d really like to be able to swop left/right sides - have my tools on the right of the screen, it just feels unnatural crossing over to the left to click on a tool (for me!). When I’m drawing (I’m right handed) I put my pencils/pens etc… down near to my right hand, not on the left side of the paper, IYSWIM

Otherwise over the moon with Rhino.

Logged as MR-2056