Custom user text in title block

Hi Can anyone explain me how I can put custom user text into a title block that is also a Rhino block.
A text that would change for every layout as i.e. the scale of the drawings on that page or a custom name etc.

Thank you for the help in advance :pray:

Hej Morten -

See if the attached gets you started. It’s meant to be inserted on a A2 layout in landscape.
Title Block.3dm (3.2 MB)

Hi @mortenengel
There’s also THIS video, which was made for V5, but in priciple, it’s the same… but a lot more usert text options has been added :slight_smile:
HTH, Jakob

What do I have to do so the Detail Scale updates?

yea, it’s not always easy to discover how these work.
Go into block edit mode and then select the detail scale field text. In the properties panel you’ll see:

%<DetailScale(“PRIMARY DETAIL”,“1:#”)>%

… which means that, if you have a detail on that layout that is named “PRIMARY DETAIL”, that field will automatically update to the scale of that detail.

I must be doing something wrong

Title Block Layout A2.3dm (503.2 KB)

copy and paste the title block from model space on to your layout sheet, if you have named your detail PRIMARY DETAIL it should update the scale, this works on my end :+1:t4:

Ok, got it. That makes sense now.



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I understand the scale part which it can pull from the named detail.
But what if you want to input a custom value for each instance of the title block.
I.e. the fillet rad. Just as just one example.

There are a few different places where you can retrieve the information from. In the block that I posted, everything in black (including the fillet rad that you point to) is hard-coded. Things in green is retrieved from user text on the layout. Things in blue are set in the document user text. Orange are object attributes, pink are properties of the layout, and red is a property of the file.

So, it all depends on where you would like to store the information that you want to display in the title block.

Thanks @wim
Is layout user text available on MAC?
Can’t seem to find it.

Hi Morten -

Yes, it is - this is from Rhino 7:



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Thanks @wim
Is there another easy way to input custom text into a block?

Practical in these situations:

  • revision texts
  • date (not auto generated)
  • subject
  • notes (not auto generated)


Hi Morten -

I’ll need very specific workflow details to be able to answer that one.
Are you setting that information per file, per layout, per object, …?
When you say “another easy way”, does that mean that the layouts user text is easy or hard?

@wim Let’s say we have 100 layouts with the same title block.
For each one I would need to put custom info related to revision notes, date for each revision, notes for each sheet, subject etc.

Using layout user text seems like an ordeal because it acs as a table where x (key) =y (value).
And the value column of a layout user text has very limited length and slow to edit.

Would be nice to function called i.e.: %<Custom(“xxx”)>%

Where the text (xxx) would be custom to only that instance of a block and not duplicate to all instances of the block.

Hope it makes sense.

Hej Morten -

In that case, you can use block attribute text.
You still have the key = value pairs in a table when you need to edit the information, but for initially placing the block, you are presented with a dialog in which you can enter the values that you want. In that dialog, you can also opt to use other functions.

The notation for block attribute text is %<UserText("block", "Key", "", "")>%.
An easy way to create these is to create the text that describes the field in the Title Block, copying that text to where the value will be inserted, and using the ConvertTextToBlockAttribute command on that copy - as in this picture:

When you then select all and turn that into a block, you will get this dialog: