Custom object mesh triggers remesh even when no changes have been made

If I edit the custom mesh of an object and close the dialog than the whole scene is remeshed. Looks like the old issue is still alive in this case.

Hi @John_Brock could you look on the custom object remeshing issue please? It’s a critical workflow problem if the whole complex scene is remeshed for minutes only why a small object got a custom setup.

This is fixed and in the queue to be released.

@John_Brock, please don’t oversee we have a new problem, it’s the object custom mesh now and not the general mesh settings.

I’ll look again.
This new but seemingly related problem should not have been added to this message thread.
A new thread should have been started.
I’ll split it off and have a look between tech calls today.

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New issue YT item:

RH-74191 is fixed in the latest WIP. Please give it a try.