Custom mesh settings with mesh objects

I’ve been experimenting with the Polycam app for the new iPhone 12 Pro to capture 3D scans of objects (buildings mainly).

The meshes import pretty well as OBJ files.

Stupidly, I wondered what clicking on the custom mesh option would do. The answer is nothing which makes sense as it is already a mesh.

BUT, it begs the question why it is there for a mesh object? Wouldn’t it be better to hide that control / option if the object cannot have a custom mesh because IT IS a mesh? Or am I missing something here?

the custom mesh settings are somehow general object-properties…
but it looks like your data already is a mesh. (so the “custom (display) mesh” will not have any effect.

check the custom mesh option for a nurbs-surface or just for a sphere. - you will see an effect

and find detailed infos here

best -tom

Thanks, yes, as I noted in my original post. The real point was why is the control shown if it doesn’t do anything. It should not appear for elements that it isn’t relevant to. Eg, light intensity sliders don’t show up for a poly surface. And isocurve toggle doesn’t show for curves.

sorry if i was mislead by the title of your post - and i am not a native speaker - so it is more an “Interface-Improvement: please no needless Custom Mesh Checkbox for Mesh-Objects” Topic…
and yes i agree on this aspect:
it would be great and more consistent, if the checkbox “Custom Mesh” is inactive if only one or multiple Mesh-Objects are selected. (Rhino Mac, Version 6, not sure about Version 7)
But please leave it active for mixed selections.
(same behaviour as for Isocurves … see @robinp s examples above).
Maybe @pascal can put it on the wishlist / but-tracking ?
best / good night -tom

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I probably should have worded the title differently :slight_smile:

I’ve edited the title now.

Hi Robin -

Thanks for reporting this. On Windows, you can’t interact with these settings when a mesh object is selected. On the list as RH-61732.