Custom Mesh Display


I’m trying to figure out a custom display for meshes from grasshopper that retains ceretain properties from the Display Options Views Settings.

In my particular case, I have a copy of arctic view and I’m drawing mesh edges as black (somehow the mesh edge settings knows which edges belonged to the original brep that was meshed).

How do I output a similar visualisation of a mesh from grasshopper?

Original mesh object in ‘shaded view’:

Vieport Settings Applied:

Desired output in grasshopper (can only get it with meshes in Rhino document):

If you explode your original brep and convert each surface into meshes, then GH will recognize the naked edges…



That will definately work!
I still want to figure out how the display knows which edges of a mesh it needs to render as edges. Is it a property of mesh edges itself or some kind of magic that happens in the rendering pipeline?

2022-08-10 14_48_36-Script Editor

Also MergeAllCoplanarFaces on your output Mesh maybe magic!

Unfortunately that method will not return anything clean where the surfaces are not flat (like those fillets in my example).

It looks as if they are unwelded mesh edges.

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