Custom LineType display in Layouts

I’ve been trying to understand how to display linetypes correctly in V8 layouts. It seems custom linetypes are all ‘continuous’ unless the new ‘Use model units’ checkbox is ticked.

The problem is that this option has to be enabled for every custom linetype on every drawing, I hope I’ve got this wrong as it would be a major regression from V7.

A solution would be an option for a user to have this enabled by default, say a checkbox in the advanced options to fix with one click?
Also can we have macro access to this setting to enable it when adding scripted linetypes?

Bump - is anyone at McNeel interested in this serious regression.

The problem for me is that if any of my clients open my 2D drawings in V8, the custom linetypes are all showing continuous.

A solution for users with custom linetypes is for the ‘use model units’ checkbox to be checked by default and the problem disappears, but as it is unchecked by default, as far as I can see, each custom linetype on every drawing will need to be manually updated by whoever happens to open the drawing.

Look at the following screenshots and please advise me how to resolve this. Should I tell my clients to stay with V7, will there be a fix at some stage, or is there a hidden option I’ve missed.

The drawing shown in the screenshot is from 30-part drawing set which is on file at Lloyds, ship builders, design offices etc so it’s a bit embarrassing.

V7 display

V8 Display

Hi Brian,
Sorry I didn’t see your initial post. I can see that the way you use linetypes this would be painful. I will write a command or script that sets this checkbox for all of your linetypes in a model, but that still requires you to open and save a model. I’m away from my computer right now so this will take a few days before I can put something together.

Did you always print with the match viewport display option for linetypes?

I’m still trying to figure out if there is a better solution than this. Detecting linetypes defined in model distances when opening pre-Rhino 8 files seems difficult to get right in many cases. We might be able to detect this for pattern lengths that are bigger than what would typically show up on paper, but automatically making that decision seems like something that will mess people up as often as it gets right. Even in the case for the linetype you show I would probably not guess correctly.

‘Print Color’ is used to print official 2D work - usually a B&W pdf with line thickness defined and Grays used for thin line work and solid fills, but I keep the layout display with the drawing colours for easy viewing/checking.

‘Display color’ is used to print more general everyday files.

Thanks for your thoughts on this Steve, following is my Linetype workflow, FWIW

I usually have multiple scaled geometry views in use on modelspace of a drawing set and multiple corresponding Layouts, which often have several Detail windows at differing scales. The model is either in the same modelspace or worksessioned.

2D work will be spread over files if it becomes cumbersome and the geometry is positioned to the same datums in each file so that worksession or copy/paste can be used without clashes.

This work in this screenshot is divided into 6 2D files and the model is separate.

I generally only use Layout for Drawing Border and Title Blocks with no geometry within the Layout. I found drawing anything complex in Layout was clunky, jumpy and confusing, so gave up on it for this type of work. I’m sure I’m not alone with this workflow.

To get the best out of this situation, I add, name and manage linetypes with scripts. The names are also prefixed to differentiate from Rhino default names.

cmd_Linetype = "_-DocumentProperties _Linetypes _Add " & VbCrLf
cmd_Linetype = cmd_Linetype & str_NameLT & VbCrLf
cmd_Linetype = cmd_Linetype & “_Pattern " & VbCrLf
cmd_Linetype = cmd_Linetype & str_NameLT & VbCrLf
cmd_Linetype = cmd_Linetype & str_SpacingLT & VbCrLf
cmd_Linetype = cmd_Linetype & " _Enter _Enter”

… and the Linetype Patterns are set up using 1:1 times the scale

LT0_5 = 0.5 * dbl_LTScale
LT1_0 = 1.0 * dbl_LTScale
LT1_5 = 1.5 * dbl_LTScale
LT2_0 = 2.0 * dbl_LTScale
LT3_0 = 3.0 * dbl_LTScale
LT5_0 = 5.0 * dbl_LTScale
LT10_0 = 10.0 * dbl_LTScale

This way I get the various linetypes I need and they all display correctly in modelspace making the drawing easy to work on and navigate and Layout views always display correctly.

Going forward, if would be perfect if I could include whatever you come up within or alongside my RhinoScripts and have the checkbox checked at the ‘Add Linetype’ stage.

@Trav did you already write a test command to help here? I can’t remember.

Hi Brian -

For now, there’s the TestSetAllLinetypeScale command that lets you set this for multiple linetypes in one go.

To be able to do this directly from the Linetypes panel is on the list as RH-81440 Allow Multiple Linetype Edit in Panel for Model units

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Thanks Wim, this test commanmd works on multi-selected linetypes and the setting is remembered after a restart. Also works directly from a temp button.