Custom grips and align to object

we are developing a plugin with custom grips and the users would like to have the gumball align to the object when using these grips. Is there a way to do so? We searched the docs and samples but we cannot find any solution for this

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I am not aware of a direct solution, but some possible options are:

  1. Using CustomGumballs (could be an alternative to the grips, I am not sure if they can be used side by side). There’s an example with a cylinder in the RhinoCommon docs. You’ll have to manually set up the transformations, picking and triggering on/off the Gumballs.

  2. When your custom grips are selected, change the Gumball alignment of Rhino to ‘Object’ through command (RhinoApp.Runscript()), and change it back after grips are off.

Hope I helped!

  • Bovas

Hi Bovas,

unfortunately it does not help. I do not want to implement custom gumballs as the grip infrastructure serves my need almost 100%. And the runscript is not what I am trying to achieve.

The problem is that the gumball does not align to object even though I have it set to align to object.