CustomGripObject Gumball orientation


I have implemented a CustomGripObject subclass to use with a custom edit command on mesh objects.

As far as I can understand, grip objects do not have an inherent plane information (since they consist of a simple point, and that’s geometrically logical).

But I’ve also seen that when activating grips on a SubD and selecting a grip, the gumball is oriented according to the normal of the SubD surface.

This does not happen when selecting grips on meshes.

I would like to achieve the same result (i.e. orient the gumball according to the mesh normal on the selected grip location): is there a way to do this? maybe some trick on the CustomGrip objects?

Thank you.

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you are working with c# / .net / Rhinocommon ?

did you see this topic:

Thank you @Tom_P

yes, I’m using RhinoCommon in a C#/.NET plugin project.

The point is that I do not intend to implement a custom Gumball, but rather make the default gumball “aware” of the grips’ orientation, based on the underlying mesh.

Maybe I’m trying to get a result which is not achievable with the current RhinoCommon API.

@dale should know if the necessary classes are exposed to Rhinocommon.

Is there any follow up on this?
I also encounter some problems with CustomGripObject. None of the events are triggering when I call all the CustomGripObject inside a CustomObjectGrips