Custom elements (Wish?)

Hi @fsalla

How do you produce this type of column in ARQ?

I can create a solid object then turn it to ARQ object (similar to solid–> ARQ wall), but It should be parametric since it could have variety dimensions.

What I can think of is adding an option where users can add whatever shape and decorations…
In other words, there should be more freedom,

Hi @anon66739973, you have 3 ways to achieve this kind of column in VisualARQ:

  1. Creating a column style from a block. First model the column with Rhino geometry, then create a block out ot it, and finally go to the column styles dialog, and create a new column using the Block option. This video shows a similar example:

  2. Adding a solid to a column (in VisualARQ 2 version only). First insert a rectangular column, then model that shape in the upper part with Rhino geometry, and finally run the vaAddSolids command to make a boolean union between that shape and the column. Important: the shape must be a closed solid.

  3. Creating that column from a grasshopper style (in VisualARQ 2 only). You need to create a definition in GH that generates that column with all the parameters you want (witdth, height, profile dimensions of that upper shape, position, etc…) and create a new column style using the Grasshopper styles option. image Take a look at this post to learn how it works: