Create Custom Dimension Style

I want to use rhinocommon to create annotation styles in CAD. Is there any case that I can refer to? Ps: I first attempted to define the style of arrows using block in Rhino, but in dimensionstyle, I changed the arrow style to a custom arrow and found that it did not appear. I don’t know why
This is a grid annotation

This is the elevation annotation

I tried to define the geometry on the right as a block and set it to arrow, but it didn’t work

Hi @Fan,

Do you have some simple source code you can share that isn’t working for you?

– Dale

Sorry I don’t have one, I don’t currently have ideas on how to use rhinocommon to solve this problem, but am checking out the userdata api side of things, not sure if it’s feasible?

Sorry to bother you again, now I want to store already written annotation styles in the plugin, these styles are several different geometries, when using the plugin for annotation, will read these styles from the plugin file instead of creating new styles each time on the run, is there any way to store the styles to the plugin instead of the 3dm file during the plugin development? Please give me some ideas or examples, thank you very much!

Hi @Fan,

Any annotation style you can create with Rhino’s UI you can create with RhinoCommon.

You would store the annotation style in the plug-in. But rather the plug-in could create the annotation style on demand.

You can also add annotation styles to template 3dm files. So when you create a new 3dm file, your styles would already exist.

The Rhino UI also lets you import annotation styles from other 3dm files.

So lots of possibilities.

– Dale

Thanks for the advice, I’ll give it a try