Custom Construction planes

Does anyone know how to make a custom construction plane view, specifically for an elevation view? My model is in an angle and was wondering if there is a way to set the front view on the angle of the model? I would rotate the model, but I have tons of layers locked and off. Switching the layers back and forth is very time consuming. Any suggestions?

NamedCPlanes may be what you’re after.

I see the idea. How would it work? it will save the view? I was thinking on rotating the model so it faces the view I want, save the view and switch it back to its original position. Would that affect it at all? I appreciate the help in advance.

Hi - I would:

  • use Cplane > 3Point to set the CPlane to a surface that you want in your elevation
  • use Plan to set the view orthogonal to that Cplane
  • use NamedView to save that view

You can then easily switch between the elevation views and have your CPlane attached to it.

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