Custom Clipping Depth doesn't work on Dots and Points

Rhino 8 Work In Progress
(8.0.23129.12305, 2023-05-09)

Clipping Plane with custom clip depth does not clip Dots or Points on the side of the clipping depth.
As an example, I created a clipping plane at 0,0. The objects on the right are clipped, the objects on the left are shown. The Custom Clipping Depth is set to 11, so Dot 1 and the points near it should not be visible. I added surfaces and dimensions to show that other objects are correctly clipped.

Custom Clip Depth RH8.3dm (72.3 KB)


On a related side note, when editing the clipping depth, the view automatically updates as you type, but often has lag that causes typo. Maybe need to build in a small time delay into the Properties UI?