Custom Audi R8

Sketchup + Rhino + Blender + Keyshot

I designed the car in Blender with Polygonal modeling
then designed the buildings in Rhino and Sketchup NURBS modeling
then I rendered it in Keyshot

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cool images … is the grain in the images intentional?

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thank you, Kyle
Unfortunately no, keyshot is not running natively on Apple M1 chips and whenever there is a light in the scene the renders come out grainy.

maybe in the future I recreate this scene in Blender and render it with cycles, it works flawlessly on M1 Macs, my MacBook even doesn’t get warm after I render. It is fast as well and it even has now Metal ray tracing which is like ray tracing in Nvidia cards

I seem to recall that keyshot has denoisers? you may be able to get good results from using them-

I’d love to see how this comes out in blender, as that is the same cycles engine we use. (although it sounds like blender has their gpu support sorted?)

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thank you for the suggestion kyle, I forgot that keyshot has denoiser, I will rerender these shots then I will change the photos.
yes cycles engine in Blender is now completely compatible with m1 GPU and it works perfectly

that is good to know… we’ll get there too at some point. I know @nathanletwory is working on it.

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That’s great news, can’t wait